Friday, July 19, 2013

Vintage Ladies

It was time for me to sew something a little less complicated than my last dress (I will not give up but I will set it aside and try again with a knit....that should be a more forgiving fabric!). I used these tutorials (1, 2) to make a sewing machine cover. I like it, in a Granny-Chic way.

Lookin' classy!

Then I couldn't stop and I had to make my little baby's onesies vintage like too.

It was kind of a miracle I found the vintage lady fabric in the first place! I love it! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little A's B-Day

Little A is growing up before my eyes! She requested a "Little Miss Mermaid" (what she calls "The Little Mermaid") party and I obliged. I just kind of made up the pattern I guess. That was what everyone (i.e.-blogs on pinterest) suggest to do so I did that. She loved them! I'm glad I made something she enjoys.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simplicity 1777 Update

Miracle of miracles! My baby slept four hours and my older girls played nicely so I was able to sew a lot!

I still need to take in the sides of the torso, raise the skirt hem, hem the sleeves, and add buttons to it. It isn't couture perfect, sadly, but I am proud of my progress as a seamstress. I worked hard to adjust the pattern and although it doesn't fit exactly perfect, it's the closest I've ever been! Yeah!

P.S.- I don't know how I ever sewed without a dress form! They are so helpful. 

P.S.S- Here is a link to a video tutorial on making this dress! I wish I would've watched this before I started! I shouldn't have used cotton...not a recommended fabric. :( 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dress Form!!!


Yes....spoiled again!
Matt tried helping me make a dress form out of duct tape and an old shirt. Since I have a nursing baby, we had to work quickly.
It was a disaster! It looked really scary.
So Matt let me buy a real dress form! One that I can adjust and poke needles into. I'm in love!
So the Craftsy class I took was amazing! After the free zipper class and the class on perfect fit, I'm sold! I want to take practically all of their sewing classes, especially Gertie's Bombshell dress one (her book is amazing so I bet the class will be too). 

(P.S.- I have absolutely not been paid to say these things)
Anyways, my eyes have been opened to sewing new and better things! I'm glad I made a "muslin" which is actually made from $1 a yard Walmart Clearance fabric. However, I wish I would've sprung for actual muslin, which again, is only about $1 a yard.
In the Perfect Fit class, the instructor says she sometimes makes three or four muslins before making the actual dress!!! Considering that I also want to make a lining for the dress, I might just stick to altering this green "muslin", and then hope and pray it works out when I try making the final product. 
I picked a more difficult pattern too...I'm starting to realize that having my other dresses sort of fit me was pretty much dumb luck! I really had no idea what I was doing but I just really wanted to sew!
I will definitely use the full techniques I learned with my next sewing project. But what I have learned is really helping me with this current dress I'm sewing.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Things to Come

So pretty much...I've been terribly spoiled!
I got this vintage 1943 (!!!!) sewing pattern from ebay for ten buck-a-roos. That's cheaper than a regularly priced new pattern from a store. I have a gorgeous piece of history! I'm totally nerding out right now! Yes, I am not quite the size of the pattern, but that brings me to my next spoiled thing:
 I won a Craftsy class from Bethany at The Glamorous Housewife!
Wow! Thank you Bethany! I picked "Sew the Perfect Fit". I am so excited to try it out. However, I need to finish my first forties dress before I delve into anything else. And I am sure this class will help a lot.
Happy sewing!