Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Plaid

I tried not to expect too much from myself last year, since I had a baby and I really wanted to pace myself. I learned a couple of piano songs (including the theme to "Downton Abbey") and I sewed a couple of dresses, some more successful than others.

I am trying to set goals to improve my health, spirituality, and home but I'll cut to the chase- mostly this year I want to sew!!! I have so many patterns, fabrics, and dreams waiting to come true. Hopefully I can make a few good dresses, or at least learn a lot in the process!

So far I am completely in love with this dress. I should have sewn it back in the fall, since plaids seemed to be so "in" then, but I didn't have time for it. A January plaid will have to do. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but so far I love sewing with plaids. Yes, one does have to think more about how they will allocate their fabric but I love being able to "follow the lines" as I cut and sew it. I'm so proud that I go the lines to go down the center and then how I cut them vertical on the collar. And the colors! I think they are a blast.

I'm using the Licorice dress pattern from the Colette sewing book. I love Colette patterns! They are so easy to read and use. I should have used them when I was first learning to sew. I'm going to have to sew the Macaron and Ceylon dresses someday too. They are just too cute to say no to.

I just have the sleeves, zipper, and hems to complete on this little beauty! 


  1. I love your new year's goal to sew more and I'm very excited to see all that you are going to make too. I also think you are very brave to do a plaid dress. I normally try to stay away from plaids because they can be difficult. The dress looks wonderful so far too.

  2. I love this one! Love, love, love! It's my favorite that you've done so far. I hesitate tackling anything in the Coletterie book because of the cutting and taping of pdf print-outs. I love the colors in this plaid. Can't wait to see it on you!!

  3. Have you finished this? It is a perfect Xmas dress.