Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tulle Time

I got tickets to the ballet to take my older girls and MIL to see the ballerinas. I've had this Oliver + S book for awhile and I've always wanted to make the play tutus in it for my kids. This was the perfect excuse to do so! I had to really play around with the tulle to get the fluffy thickness I wanted (one yard thick is too small for my kids!). I've had some bad experiences with tulle so I was glad these turned out. My girls loved them!

We got to go to a special before the show party to meet the ballerinas! They were so sweet to all the little girls.

I unfortunately couldn't take pictures during the show, but let me assure you they were very good dancers! We had such a good time.


  1. I bet your girls just loved the show. Now that they have cute tutu they can dance it out at home.