Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Two Colette Sorbettos

 The Colette Sorbetto has been a staple of my handmade wardrobe and it's one I always recommend to friends who want to start sewing their own clothes. They just released a new version with sleeves and extra large sizes! Yay! Did I mention that the pattern comes at an awesome price? It's FREE! It's one of those amazing things that seems too good to be true but doesn't disappoint!

 I made my first Sorbetto out of a tropical print that had been handed down to me. The color is AMAZING as well as the flower print! My husband even really likes this shirt!

The second shirt was made out of some leftover gingham fabric from a dress that I am making for my daughter. It's going to be my Easter shirt of course, going along with my crazy holiday shirt pledge!

Go here for more information about how to sew the Sorbetto!

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