Friday, May 5, 2017

The Seamstress Tag

Have you ever watched "Seamstress Tag" videos on Youtube? As a sewing fan, I find them very interesting. I think other people's stories are quite fascinating. I like to see how the people behind some of my favorite blogs talk and what they have to say about their "sewing journey". 

I tried myself to make a Seamstress Tag video and it was a MAJOR FLOP! I couldn't get my camera to focus. I filmed the whole thing a couple of times in different ways and each one was completely blurry. I have a feeling I might need a different lens or something else expensive. Also, I was majorly awkward in front of the camera (#introvertproblems). Finally, a Youtube account seems like a lot of work, too much for me! So I am just going to write the Seamstress tag questions and try to answer them like that!

1. Who are you?

My name is Sarah. I also go by my super secret alter ego, Sara (without an H).

2. When and why did you start sewing?

 I started sewing when I was 23 years old as a reward to myself for paying off my college school debt. I have wanted to sew since I was a little kid! I knew it was my ticket to having the clothes I wanted.

3. What is your favorite or proudest make?

I would have to say probably my lemon 1950's dress. It won second place the 2016 Vintage Pledge competition! It also as the first time I used French Seams successfully! I usually love the last thing I made though, which currently is a floral Sew Over It Pussy Bow blouse!

4.  What is your most disastrous make?

Oh boy, I have had a couple of doozies! I think a lot of them involved bad fabric choices. I tried making a 1940s dress that was supposed to be knit in a woven fabric and it was AWFUL! Another time I spent a fortune on this beautiful 1940s Bird fabric and I forgot to make a muslin (it was early in my sewing days). The end result had major fit issues. It's heartbreaking! I can't get rid of it because I spent so much on the fabric but I still haven't mended it! I'm afraid to! Lastly, I made an A line skirt recently in some very thick jean fabric and it looks terrible! I have tried multiple times to fix it and I think I just need to scrap it! I'm sure there are more examples but I just can't think of them now!

The sad skirt I have tried to salvage but probably can't!

5. Where is your favorite place to go fabric shopping?

In my home town, I love shopping at Hobby Lobby for really beautiful, trendy fabric. I go to JoAnns for more specialty interfacing, tools, and fashion fabric that is harder to find. Finally, I go to for everything else (i.e.- what I can't find locally).

6. What is your most used pattern?

I would have to say the Colette Sorbetto, although there seems to be a lot of issues with it, so I am on the look for another pattern staple. I know having a good pattern that one is really familiar with can be really versatile and easy to sew with, but I do have pattern ADD. I want to try everything! Another pattern I seem to use a lot is the Sassy Librarian pattern. These are both shirt patterns but I really love sewing dresses! Also a good dress pattern staple would be good to have!

7. Your most dreaded sewing task is...

Darts! I don't know why they stress me out so much but they do! I am always afraid I will put them in the wrong place. I got a special rotary marking tool and transfer paper to help mark them, and that really helps a lot, but it still makes me nervous, I don't know why!

8. And your favourite sewing task?

I love pinless sewing and really pressing down the gas while I am sewing a straight line. I love sewing fast and just watching the edge where I want my seam allowance. I'm not a perfect seamstresss, but I am getting better and sewing fast and well!

9. What is your favorite sewing entertainment?

Sometimes I get in the zone and I don't have time to listen or watch anything. However I always start my sewing time out by listening to the Book of Mormon and then a Conference Talk. Did I mention I am LDS? I also love listening to audio books. Right now I am listening to "The Midwife of Hope River" for a book club I am in. I think the main character is too modern for the time period but I like hearing the stories of her work! I think being there when babies are born would be really special!

10. Printed or PDF?

It's really apples and orenges for me! Either one works. I like the little envelopes the printed patterns come in but I like how easy PDFs are to print off!

11. What sewing machine do you use?

I use a Project Runway Brother and it has been my good friend for the past almost decade or so! I can see the advantages of having a sewing machine that cuts one's own thread or has a knee lift for the raising the sewing foot, but I think a good standard sewing machine can do a lot of good too!

12. Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes, way too much for a mom of four kids! I can't help it though! I love reading, writing, running, music, yoga, gardening, baking, cooking exotic foods, genealogy, scrapbooking, decorating my home, and studying languages. Do I do any of these things particularly well? Not really! But that doesn't stop me from trying! And no, I don't do these things every day, except for sewing, reading, writing, and I run a couple times a week now.

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