Sunday, November 2, 2014


Anna and Elsa dresses were finished in time for Halloween, much to my little ones' delight. I had to make the Anna dress from scratch. I saw plenty of Elsa dresses, but the few Anna dresses I saw did not look like the one I made, which pleased me. My daughter who had an Elsa dress that I had made already this summer told me off handedly that she was disappointed with its lack of sparkle. So I had to add something! I added the icy looking ric-rac and found adorable appliques of Anna and Elsa to add to the dresses. I took it in a bit and it looked great. I hope those who celebrated Halloween this year enjoyed it like we did!


  1. Super cute costumes and I think the best part is that they can play dress up in them for a long time after Halloween too.

    1. You are the best Monica! They do love to do that :)

  2. The Anna dress is so beautiful, I would be tempted to wear it all the time.