Friday, April 17, 2015

Anna's Coronation Dress Hack!

 So I am a super girly girl who LOVES costumes. I have been this way since I was a little kid. I always dreamed of having different play dresses that looked like they were from movies I watched (especially the ones from "Slipper and the Rose". The costumes on that show were intense!).

 My kids love Disney movies and I couldn't help myself. I found a pattern for this green dress and I had to make it. It is the following (called S0748 where I'm from).

 There were so many details to this dress! It was a labor of love, but the just the thought of doing the small, intricate, never ending patterns in applique on the ribbon gave me a headache!

 So I decided to take a short cut. I purchased a flower stencil and painted the design on the ribbon. I call it a "hack" but it still took me hours! And I couldn't make it look flawless I'm afraid. Still, it is done! I probably never would have finished if I had tried it the other way!

 My little one loved it! She was jumping up and down so much when she saw it, it warmed my heart.