Friday, April 17, 2015

Anna's Coronation Dress Hack!

 So I am a super girly girl who LOVES costumes. I have been this way since I was a little kid. I always dreamed of having different play dresses that looked like they were from movies I watched (especially the ones from "Slipper and the Rose". The costumes on that show were intense!).

 My kids love Disney movies and I couldn't help myself. I found a pattern for this green dress and I had to make it. It is the following (called S0748 where I'm from).

 There were so many details to this dress! It was a labor of love, but the just the thought of doing the small, intricate, never ending patterns in applique on the ribbon gave me a headache!

 So I decided to take a short cut. I purchased a flower stencil and painted the design on the ribbon. I call it a "hack" but it still took me hours! And I couldn't make it look flawless I'm afraid. Still, it is done! I probably never would have finished if I had tried it the other way!

 My little one loved it! She was jumping up and down so much when she saw it, it warmed my heart.



  1. The dress looks great! What a fun thing to do for your girls. I'm sure I will have to make one of those dresses when my daughter gets older. So don't be surprised when I come to you for help with it.

    1. not at all! I will probably be coming to you for quilting advice too!

    2. It sure is nice that we can help each other out with those skills.

  2. Aww that dress is so lovely! Very princess like and its so nice when you can sew your own and not have to spend a fortune :) xx

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