Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Sewing Goals- Capsule Wardrobe

 Last year I had a baby and was just happy to get any sewing done at all!

I always feel I don't get enough sewing in, but when I look back at the year, actually I have! I sewed all these outfits (just the fur wrap for the Cruella costume) and also two curtains, a plain black shirt, a blanket repair, a refashioned button up dress, a baby doll basket, a blessing outfit for my son, a red gingham bombshell swimsuit (yes! a swimsuit!), a red polka dot Sorbetto top (it looked great on the dress form but terrible on me!), a Franken-pattern two piece gingham nursing dress (another flop), three pillow case dresses, and a Christmas Nativity Sorbetto top. I even won second place in the Vintage Pledge Competition with my lemon dress pictured above (side note, that dress is NOT "a lemon"! It's one of my most favorite!).

I did do a lot of work on the Wardrobe Architect series in 2016 and found it fascinating! It really gave me so much direction and clarity about what I want to do with my sewing. Now I can walk through the fabric stores and instead of coveting everything, I can discern what is a good color/fabric/style for me!

However, I am very unsatisfied by the colors and outfits I chose last summer. I bought the Craftsy Class Sew to Flatter and it was amazing! It had awesome tips about how to pick the right colors and styles to flatter one's body and draw attention to one's face, which I didn't realize should be the goal of fashion but it makes sense!

From what I learned, I am very sure that I need cool colors and silver jewelry to really accent the coloring I have (dark brown hair, olive skin, blue eyes). I kind of already knew that but it was good to have it reinforced! I've decided the above colors are what I want to aim for (but I might also go for a emerald green, black, or light yellow!).

 These colors in particular I want to focus on. They seem like winter, berry sort of colors. Is it too cheesy that I think of them as "Winter Berry" in my head?

In the class, the teacher also mentions a formula for having the fewest amount of clothes but getting the 96 different outfits out of them. 

Here is a basic sample of what she suggested while adding some specifics that I want to make for myself (these also correlate to my #makenine2017 found on my instagram account):

 So I am sticking with navy, maroon, grey (darker than the photo), light purple, and a light pink floral for my colors and fabrics. I think they vibe with my need for cool colors, comfort while chasing after kids, and the vintage/romantic/feminine style I hanker after. Wish me luck!


  1. I love your "winter berry" colors. I've never seen this method of capsuling but it sounds promising!

    1. thanks! It might take me awhile to make them but at least I have a more solid plan!

  2. That's a great formula, and that looks like a fantastic class. I can imagine your winter berry colors looking just right for you! I went to a color specialist a couple of years ago, and I agree--it was perhaps the most valuable thing I've ever done. All my colors are soft and slightly warm and slightly cool. After it, it finally made sense why I could only find colors to wear in spring! I wrote an article for Seamwork about choosing a color palette if you're interested. https://www.seamwork.com/issues/2015/05/design-a-personal-color-palette

    1. You have such beautiful coloring and I LOVE spring colors, but they aren't always right for me! Thank you so much for the link, I'll definitely read it!

    2. I just read your article and it's AMAZING! I'm bookmarking it and I'm going to refer to it a lot!