Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge

 I find the subject of family history endlessly fascinating. When I heard about Mrs. Hughes' Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge where one gets to sew an item of clothing to recreate an ancestor's picture, I knew I had to join in! Sewing and genealogy?! Yes please!

I used the top of pattern Butterick B6212
to make this shirt. I have a few things I still want to tweak about it, but it is good enough for now!

I chose to make a copy of my Great Grandma Jackie's sweetheart shirt because I always thought it was so pretty and it was from one of the few family pictures I have. 

My Great Grandma Jackie was a very different person than I am. She was very funny and popular. That information always intimidated me, a very introverted nerd! She was an extremely talented pianist and she was very fashionable.

Doing this challenge was so much fun! I get that I am not the greatest hairstylist and maybe this whole look works better for my grandma, but it's still neat to see oneself besides an ancestor! It's cool to look back and think about where one's family comes from and hear the stories of their lives!

And because I can, I am also adding it to the 2017 Vintage Pledge Pinterest board!


  1. I just love your side-by-side photo with your grandma!

  2. What a fun side by side with your grandma! Nice job recreating her look. I wonder what color the original was. That's the nice thing about black and white pictures---trying to imagine the originals. We'll see if I make it with my look. I made a high waist pencil skirt, but I'm grading a vintage top pattern and I might not have enough fabric on hand...

    1. Thanks! Oh man, I have been there with many projects! Hopefully it'll all work out! And the deadline for this challenge has been extended too!