Monday, May 8, 2017

April 2017 Sewing Makes!

 Hello everyone! Sorry about the random blogging! I never know when I will get the chance to do anything, so I can't promise to be on a better schedule, but can you tell I'm feeling better and getting my groove back? 

This April I worked hard to finish some projects and I can't believe I sewed nine (-ish) garments/items!!!!

 Looking at all the cute vintage kids patterns I had collected but never used started to make me feel guilty. So I thought up an Easter "collection" for my kids! The first one I'm displaying is a mint gingham Simplicity 8306. I LOVED how it turned out and I want one for myself! Someone pointed out that I made the empire waist line too high, and that is true, but I still like it!

 This dress is a Simplicity 8348 made in a lovely coral color. The frills and sleeves are just too cute!!!

This dress is a Simplicity 1075 with a thrifted white button up shirt. Again, I love this dress! I wanted to make it a bit more "Easter" like so I used a vintage lamb pattern instead of the poodles it calls for. 

I also learned how to sew a zipper properly from Allie J. on her instastories and I adore how (more) professional it looks from the inside!

So I foolishly didn't start sewing this pink dress until the night before Easter. I sewed from 11 o'clock at night until 5 in the morning, no joke. I can't believe I actually did it, and I don't recommend it! However, I really didn't want my one daughter to not have a special dress, since her sisters' dresses were already done. I didn't get to the pinafore though. I sewed that two weeks later and I adore how it turned out! The roses and ruffles are a sweet addition to the dress!

This was a small project, but fun. I wanted an outside banner of sorts for Easter and I wanted it to be Spring like but also a reminder of what Easter is really about, so I made a lamb, because Jesus was the lamb of God! It is a sweet reminder to me of the Savior.

Forgive the grainy picture but I love this skirt! I finally did some selfish sewing and work on my capsule wardrobe. Using the correct fabric for a pattern can make a huge difference! I made this same skirt with a stiff jean and it was a flop, as I have mentioned before! But I love the colors of this skirt!

I also made up a Pussy Bow Blouse in the same fabric and I adore how it turned out! It's so feminine and the contrast of colors I think look great and work well for me. Also, florals are too much fun! I had to include them in my capsule wardrobe plans, which I hope to blog about more soon. Technically I finished the project in May, but I had cut it all out and started sewing it in April so I will count it still!

Finally, I also sewed two Colette Sorbettos that I already blogged about last month! My Moana shirt (because of the tropical print) and a mint gingham one with leftover fabric from my daughter's dress.

Wow! Thank you pinless sewing, nap time, and one all nighter for helping me get all this work done!!! 

(P.S.- I really don't suggest pulling all nighters! Be smarter than me and get sewing projects done early!)


  1. What a great set. I think the coral dress is my favorite. The pleats are sweet and the color is sweet! I love seeing your capsule colors pop up too. I think you'll end up with a beautiful collection before long. Pinless sewing forever! It saves SO much time!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Sorry it took me so long to respond! I am so behind on my blogging!