Saturday, August 31, 2013

But I Really Can Sew! (a bit)

My current sewing project is moving at a glacial speed. Hopefully it'll be done before the end of September. In the meantime, here is proof that I can sew, a bit.

I sewed the following last year:

My first real dress! I won't bore you with the details, but I developed my "lazy" method which I don't recommend but it works in a pinch. (Maybe someday I will go into details but not today).

This dress is also a little rough around the edges (I had to dye it) but I absolutely love the color and the lace.

And I also sew blankies!

I completely made up this pattern! I gave it to a really special kid.

I made this one for my youngest baby.

I had to make this one because (1) It reminded me of the book I was reading at the time, "The Snow Child" and (2) all of my Christmas stuff is "Scandinavian" (real Scandinavian people probably wouldn't think so, but again, I was inspired so I ran with it). The pattern came from a book called "Scandinavian Stitches".