Monday, July 13, 2015

Hermione Dress and Harry Potter Party

For this little one's birthday I made a Hermione dress because she insisted that I make one! I used a mash up of Simplicity 1433.Hopefully my daughter can also get some use out of it when Halloween rolls around!

My daughter really wanted a Harry Potter Party, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas and found a bunch of them! These owls flew invitations in the form of an acceptance letter to Hogwarts to a bunch of friends. We just invited everyone from her church class.

I do know how to spell Happy Birthday correctly. I thought this spelling was a reference to a cake Hagrid made for Harry.

I tried to turn our home into a mini "Hogwarts" of sorts.

We had to search for golden snitches.

Moaning Myrtle paid a visit.

We also played Quidditch by sitting on a broom one at a time and throwing a ball through a hula hoop. We had a "Defense Against the Dark Arts Class" by throwing little "pop-its" on the outside porch and yelling "Abracadabra!". They were sorted into houses by rolling dice to see which one they would be in. Finally, we made wands and colored pictures of Harry Potter with magical glitter glue.

It was a fast and furious affair! I had a friend graciously help me with some of the games, but then she had to leave and I had to herd ten little kids around! For the most part they were good so all's well that ends well!


  1. What a fun party! The dress is really cute and I hope I get to see her in it at Halloween time. You sure had a lot of fun party ideas and I'm glad you survived handling that many kids. You are such a awesome mother.

    1. Right back at you! I think the same thing about you! Thanks Monica! :)

  2. Too cute for words! :) The last photo, of her riding the broom, made me smile ear-to-ear. Long before the Harry Potter series was ever invented, I used to do that for fun when I pretended to be a witch, wizard, or sorceress as well as a youngster.

    Wishing you and your family a terrific tail end of July!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hi, very nice ...

  4. That’s actually a very nice theme for a birthday party, not only for kids but for adults as well. My sister celebrated her 25th birthday in one of the finest New York venues and she had kept this theme. We all were dressed like some character from harry potter. I was Hermione then. It was fun!