Thursday, August 13, 2015

Minnie Mouse Dress Refashion

 I spotted this lovely dress at the store and really wanted to buy it but it was about $70. That was too much for my budget. A few months later I found said dress on the clearance rack! In my own size!!! With my trusty coupon I got it for $11! Such a better price.

After I tried it on, I knew I was going to have to refashion it though. It wasn't quite modest enough for me. It's totally worth it because the little Minnie Mouse designs on it are so cute and I'm sure I couldn't find anything else like it around. BUT this was the easiest refashion ever! With the cutout over the elastic already in the dress, all I had to do was pick out the top, and then re-sew all the seams.

 It took me less than an hour to do all the unpicking and re-sewing.

 I thought it was a darling skirt!


  1. That is a really cute skirt! I'm amazed with the price you were able to get it at. Totally a steal of a deal!

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  3. Really, really lovely transformation! It is definitely a darling, and very classic looking, skirt. Awesome job, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica