Monday, August 24, 2015

Sassy Librarian Shirt

 (I posted twice in one day! It's a miracle!)

So this shirt took FOREVER!
One year and three months to be exact, from the time I bought the pattern and fabric to the time I completed it.

 It was so worth it though! I love the retro style of it!

 The colors remind me of Autumn, my favorite time of year.

 Sometimes simple fabrics can have a really great effect (hopefully I am using that last word correctly!).

I would highly recommend taking Christine Haynes Sassy Librarian class, where I got the pattern. She is a great teacher!

Also, in the spirit of books (since this is a librarian shirt), I am including a list of my favorite books that I have read this summer. I am obsessed with sewing, but I am also obsessed with reading!

Top Summer Books:

The Glass Castle
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Mansfield Park
Boys in the Boat
Bringing Up Bebe
Lessons From Madame Chic
Anne of Green Gables

(A lot of these books I listened to on CD) 

Such fascinating books! I highly recommend them too!


  1. As a librarian myself, I approve! Both the top and the list are great :)

  2. That top looks fantastic! I am always amazed with all that you are able to do.

    1. You are sweet. I just followed the video that came with the pattern. I am always very impressed with your work!

  3. This is so incredibly pretty, sweet, and classic. What an awesome top, dear girl. You are a very, very talented seamstress.

    Big hugs & happy (almost) fall wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

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  5. Right back at you and thank you so much! You are sweet! :)

  6. Stop it. I saw this sneak peek on your IG and thought it was adorable but the whole project turned out so cute, I can't take it!!! You did a fantastic job Sara!