Monday, August 24, 2015

Astro Blankie!

 We just found out that there will be another boy in our extended family! That is a big deal because with 16 grandchildren on this side of the family, so far there is only one boy! Soon there will be two!

I fell in love with this Henry Miller fabric a while ago and I thought I'd buy some "just in case we had a boy". I am seriously doubting that will ever happen! So I made a quick blanket for my sister in law's baby out of a big section of this fabric and used 
a slightly larger fleece for the back. I just turned it over to make the edging. 

My husband was surprised to see this blanket. He is so used to girl stuff around the house! 


  1. That is super cute fabric. I love how you surprised your husband too, it is good for him to have a turn.

    1. True! We'll see if there are more surprises..... ;)