Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Dress Robe

 After I had my baby I kept seeing these glorious newborn photo shoots where the mother looks dewy, glamorous, and triumphant and I wanted to have photos like that too! In all of them, the mom is wearing a fancy, kimono-like robe and I decided I needed one.

I looked online and found an awesome free pattern from SewBon here.
Thankfully I had saved this beautiful rayon that Rochelle gave me in a giveaway years ago! So I made this beautiful, breezy robe for nothing! The cheapskate in me is beyond happy!


 I'm adding this post to Allie's Spring Shower's Social Sew because it is flowery and perfect to wear in the spring! And isn't my baby just perfect too? Well, I think so. He was talking to me the whole time. Giving me tips probably! ;)