Saturday, July 8, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe Update July 2017

This project has taken me longer than I had hoped. I keep joining in on random sew-a-longs that pop up and I did pick a wardrobe formula with 12 garments to sew AND I picked challenging patterns and fabrics (for me) to sew with. So, this long wait is completely all my fault. However, as I keep saying, this project has been liberating! Maybe some would find it too confining to limit one's wardrobe to a few colors but it has freed me from wanting to buy everything. I needed that, guilty as charged!

In the last few months I have thankfully been able to sew a few of the garments needed, and they are as follows:

A floral Pussy Bow Blouse from Sew Over It

A floral Everyday Skirt from Liesel + Co.

 A chambray skirt with the same pattern from above (it's great! It has lovely pockets!!!).


A re-do of the Maritime Top from Liesel + Co. This time it has a much better fit!

 An Orla blouse from Tilly and the Buttons.

So here is the scorecard on what I have done and what still needs to be accomplished:

With the exception of a few gifts I have to sew and as long as this project doesn't cut too much into my Halloween costume sewing time, I am going to focus on this! At least, I would like it done by fall sometime.

They all do look pretty hanging together in my closet! Hopefully they don't look too homemade, but I'm focusing on progress, not perfection!

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