Saturday, July 8, 2017

Carnegie Hall Dress

Hello again! I'm back, slowly getting to blogging again. It's been a very busy couple of months but I wanted to share some of my latest creations! First one is my Carnegie Hall dress. Why Carnegie Hall? Because I made it to wear to my brother's concert that happened at the real Carnegie Hall in New York City! My brother is a complete rockstar and it was a dream come true to see him do a fantastic job and see the Big Apple!

(Yes, this is me in the actual Carnegie Hall bathroom...where sadly I spent most of my time that evening because my son, who was an angel for most of the trip, lost it that night!)

 The two dresses above were major inspirations for my dress. I love this classic look!

At the time I was still nursing my son, so I wanted a dress that would be cute yet nursing friendly. This would've been the perfect dress for that if I had only placed the zippers an inch or so lower!!!

 I really love this dress though, and I still wear it even though I'm not nursing my baby anymore (bittersweet!!!). The dress shape I feel is very flattering and I love the collar!

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